Sheffield Pickle Fest coming 18 Novermber 2023! (CLICK FESTIVAL)


All our products have been made using local, surplus or foraged food, making them a one-time creation, with each season offering something new to go into our jars!

Our shop operates on a flexible pricing system keeping our products affordable but also offering the opportunity for those that can, to pay more. By buying one of our products you are supporting this exciting project, with all profits feeding back into Social Pickle and the wider Foodhall Project!

If you catch us early, you might be pre-ordering your product, helping us as we finish tending to it. We will always state in the product information whether it is ready for dispatch or if there is an estimated delivery time. Because of the live nature of some of the creations, the cultures at play can determine when it is ready. We will of course communicate as soon as we know if we anticipate delays.

Each product we make will also showcase a Sheffield artist responding to the pickle.Your bottle/jar will come with an A5 print of the artwork, including information about your pickle and a few suggestions of how it can be used.

First artwork by founding SP member Ross Bennett

Our creations are hand delivered by our small team, so please take this into consideration when choosing how much to donate! We’re keeping things local so if you live in Sheffield but are outside of the areas marked on this map please get in touch at [email protected] and we will do our best to get one of our pickles to you!